Radiant Logic Selected to Provide Essential Identity Database for ICAM Reference Design

Identity Data Fabric creates a master user record to support a high-level initiative

NOVATO, Calif., June 27, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric Company, is pleased to announce its participation in the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) production of its Enterprise Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) solution . In this modernized architecture, RadiantOne will provide the identity database to create the Master User Record (MUR). The MUR will be one of DISA’s three ICAM service offerings, which also includes automated account provisioning and an identity provider.

ICAM’s vision for DISA is “to provide a secure and trusted environment where people and systems can securely access all authorized resources as required by the mission.” It is designed to be the primary enterprise identity service solution for DISA, including the ability to aggregate, analyze, and audit access and roles across applications and all DoD organizations through the Master User Record.

The RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform is uniquely positioned to meet the core requirements of the ICAM initiative with patented technology used to unify, correlate and translate identity data as needed to enable the MUR. RadiantOne adds a layer of flexibility and interconnectivity to the most complex identity ecosystems, making identity data reusable across the organization, improving security, facilitating cross-entity collaboration, and enabling continuous innovation.

“We applaud the DoD for this forward-thinking initiative and decision to enable better interagency collaboration and the security of critical assets and systems. Radiant Logic specializes in connecting identity data across an organization and the implemented to improve security, drive better business decisions and support continuous change – it’s hard to imagine a more perfect use case for the technology than being part of the identity service solution for many critical defense agencies served by DISA,” commented Joe Sander, CEO of Radiant Logic.

DISA’s master user record will allow DoD-wide reporting for insight, auditing, and data summary on who has access to which systems or applications.

“RadiantOne uniquely offers the scalability, performance and flexibility to meet the demands of complex DoD environments,” said Wade Ellery, vice president of solutions architects at Radiant Logic. “By unifying the identity, the heart of ICAM, across the many branches of the DoD, Radiant is helping to enable modernization and the shift to zero trust efforts.”

Radiant Logic is FIPS 14-2 certified and was selected in 2021 to participate in NIST’s NCCoE Zero Trust Architecture.

About Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic, the Enterprise Identity Data Fabric, provides the cornerstone for complex identity architectures in today’s digital world. With Radiant, it’s quick and easy to leverage identity data, connecting many disparate data sources across legacy and cloud infrastructures in real time, without disruption. Our solution creates a solid identity foundation that accelerates the success of initiatives, including single sign-on, M&A integrations, identity governance and administration, cloud directory deployments, hybrid environments and multi-cloud, customer identity and access management, etc. From the Fortune 1000 to government agencies, organizations around the world rely on Radiant to deliver dramatically faster time to value and unprecedented IT agility, while building a secure and scalable identity infrastructure that meets real-world business demands. Learn more at www.radiantlogic.com

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