Chronicle Poll Results: Heinz Field Name Change

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “What do you think of the renaming of Heinz Field to Acrisure Stadium?” Of the 296 people who responded, 79% said “I don’t like it”; 19% answered “I don’t care or I don’t have an opinion”; and 1% answered “I like it”. Comments were submitted by 100 people. A few follow.

Acrisure is an aggressive fintech company with no personal relationship to Steelers fans and minimal connection to Pittsburgh. The name “Acrisure Stadium” is an unpleasant mouthful. For my part, I will continue to call it Heinz Field.

I don’t care which corporate entity uses the stadium as paid advertising.

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What a terrible mistake. Surely there was a Pittsburgh-based company that could have done it.

The hate! I’m disappointed Heinz didn’t come forward or the Steelers didn’t work with them.

I’ve never heard of the company and when I searched, they weren’t even based in Pittsburgh! That’s a shame! So what will happen now in the “red zone” when the ball is in the 20-yard line?

I understand the end of business. But I will miss Heinz.

I think it should be named after Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof.

Acrisure sounds like the brand name for prescription drugs.

Will continue to call it Heinz Field for all eternity.

It will always be known as Starlake.

Loz em gain! The new name is not a big ketch. More like a kvetch up! I say, let’s bottle it up
all the problem in place!

They can name it whatever the sponsor wants, but changing the official ketchup was a shonda.

Who cares as long as the Steelers are winning? PJC

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